Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Travelling alone

So, today I have gone a step ahead in my life, which according to me I should had taken a long time before. I traveled a long distance, to reach to my destination, And all alone, on myself being responsible towards me and breaking all the stereotypes thought and rules made by the chauvinistic male idealism.
So, I took a bus and traveled all alone, the conductor of the bus was more than enough, if this we talk about hospitality. He sat besides by seat, first of all he inquired all about where I was from and where I am heading to
And just like all the show offing over intelligent people started delivering lectures! Oh! You are studying. You should study in such a way that you could get a government job. Except this you should maintain a skin if you can’t your parent have to offer a big amount of dowry for your marriage and blah! Blah! Blah! And he continued. I wanted to give him a big reply with which his mouth can be left forever shut! But my roller coaster life had taught me many lesson as far now , in which one stated , speak to those to whom your words are worthy don’t waste it over a stuffs that can’t be changed! So I remained quite.
Well during the journey neither I was nervous nor I was worried but my friends and family member had their heart on bet every minute I was irritated with their worrying messages. This let me in the thought that why this doesn’t happen when my brother is going out of station?
The first passenger that sat beside me was an old lady; she was a kind of soft, tender and noble person. But her eyebrows also rose when she heard of me traveling with solidity. The second person sat beside me was a mid age woman around 30, she was going to her daughter whose boards exam is going on! The bus, after than, halted for half an hour at a line hotel. There, I saw women’s toilet. It was not like the women toilet of the rest of the world, because the men were going in and coming out of that toilet. For a minute my mind got trapped in a subtle confusion, whether those men where women in appearances of men or the meaning of women has turned into men! Well I wanted to click a picture of this incident but my so called sanskar didn’t allow me to interfere in ones privacy. This made me laugh for a while.
 The journey continued through the most beautiful green sight, the bottom light green with a tint of yellow in the season of mustard. And there were a layer of dusty dark green over which, fell the brightest sun-rays.  With a gap of this we entered in busy lane of people and people, of different colours of thought and of their own different world.
This continued and we reached the Gandhi Setu and the Ganga water   was its minimum level. There was constructions work going on almost half of it. In the bus several times I was argument within passengers and the conductor, at times the conductor was right but the passengers were also.
 I was dropped at Rajrndra Nagar pul and from there I reserved an auto and reached at my hostel. The driver asked if I know the address or not but I smartly handled it with the help of the buddy google maps. I reached safely to an unknown place with the help of none but myself!

Later on I will tell you about my new life, i.e. hostel life!

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Airtel India's worst 4g network

It's going to be 3 months that I am using airtel 4g network. There is sometime the speed satisfying although it doesn't provide a speed that a real 4g network should! Though it gives a speed that I am satisfied with..
But frequently within weeks, it's speed become less than a worse 2g network!!
And whenever I contact customer service for complaint, they are like: we don't have a 4g network in your area!!

And when I ask, " then y are u selling 4g sim cards here and provide 4g network? And how is that 4g network in my phone??"
They are like, we have only this details with us!

And I am to say, "y don't have that terms and conditions that we can be a worse 2g network Disguised as India's fastest 4g network!!"

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Thanks for Being My Friends

Some fake people make u realize that why the friends you had in your life once were not just good but the best!!! 😩
I was worse, but the little goodness I gained in me was because of u only u!!
Thanks for not only your friendship but also the problem solving capacity Because of which I used to forget the problem.
Thanks for letting me see the positive side of things, taking everything filled with goodness, letting me see everything differently.
Thanks for always being there, for being my strength, for wiping my tears and for converting each of them in my smile.
Thanks for being my friends.
Thanks for being friends.
#surprizegroup #friendsforever
Though we aren't together but will be someday!!
May be in dreams!! ☺☺

Written by
Ifa Agnes

Monday, 22 May 2017

Bsnl is worse than hell

We live on one of the border of India.  The digitalisation taking plan had a revolutionary effect on the mass, nowadays whole India is enjoying 4g speed data, but in our we have only one 3g data provider which is none other than Bsnl. And its speed is worse than that of 2g data. And when we call on its complain number, we are never connected to a customer care officer.
So,  you can assume what a service we are getting.
No speed, but high rates!!
Bsnl disconnecting India