Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Thanks for Being My Friends

Some fake people make u realize that why the friends you had in your life once were not just good but the best!!! 😩
I was worse, but the little goodness I gained in me was because of u only u!!
Thanks for not only your friendship but also the problem solving capacity Because of which I used to forget the problem.
Thanks for letting me see the positive side of things, taking everything filled with goodness, letting me see everything differently.
Thanks for always being there, for being my strength, for wiping my tears and for converting each of them in my smile.
Thanks for being my friends.
Thanks for being friends.
#surprizegroup #friendsforever
Though we aren't together but will be someday!!
May be in dreams!! ☺☺

Written by
Ifa Agnes

Monday, 22 May 2017

Bsnl is worse than hell

We live on one of the border of India.  The digitalisation taking plan had a revolutionary effect on the mass, nowadays whole India is enjoying 4g speed data, but in our we have only one 3g data provider which is none other than Bsnl. And its speed is worse than that of 2g data. And when we call on its complain number, we are never connected to a customer care officer.
So,  you can assume what a service we are getting.
No speed, but high rates!!
Bsnl disconnecting India

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

अब हम स्वच्छताग्रही बनते हैं!!!

अब हम स्वच्छताग्रही बन जाएंगे।।

देश को मुक्त करायेंगे,
कचरों की नदियों से,
मैल जो बैठा है भारत में,
इन कई सदियों से,
सङको, गली, चौराहें,
या किसी बस्ती में,
पार्कों, स्टेशनों,
या स्कूलों के बाहर में,
कितनी भी कठिनाई आए,
ऐसा हरदम पर,
कर दिख लाएंगे,
इसलिए, हम तो अब,
स्वच्छताग्रही बन जाएंगे।।

देश को मुक्त कराया था,
जैसे गुलामी की जंजीरों से,
सत्याग्रह अंदोलन,
गांधी ने करके,
सत्य एवं अहिंसा के
मार्ग पर चलके,
अब गंदगी की गुलामी से
हम आजादी पाएंगे,
अस्वच्छता के विरुद्ध
स्वच्छताग्रह आंदोलन चलाएंगे 
इसलिए, हम तो अब,
स्वच्छताग्रही बन जाएंगे।

हर घर में ज्योति,
स्वच्छता की जलाएंगे,
वातावरण नहीं  सिर्फ,
स्वच्छता हर मन में सजाएंगे,
देश के हर कोने में,
स्वच्छता की पवन बनाएंगे,
पुष्प वर्षा स्वच्छता की,
पूरे देश में कराएंगे,
विश्व में भारत की स्वच्छता,
को आदर्श बनाएंगे,
इसलिए, हम तो अब,
स्वच्छताग्रही बन जाएंगे।

शिवांगी सौम्या

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Today, it is 21 Jan and a large human chain was going to form throughout Bihar. So, me, my  colleagues and some students were making banner, posters etc related to liquor prohibition. Around the room in which things were been done, a number of students had crowded it, just to get a chance to get one of those posters.
And after the human chain was formed , to those were given  banner, poster etc.
After half an hour, the same students were like, "Miss, I couldn't handle it more. My hands are paining extremely. Take it back.........."
  Some of the same kids have thrown the same posters they had wanted with extreme Desire.
  I took one of the poster and tried to give to someone else. But what the reply was amazing
  "Don't give it to me, Miss,
   Don't give it to me, Miss "
   He was saying in a way that if it was like a bomb.
I  was deeply wondering, if they were the same students who had asked for it.
  This incident taught me a lesson
" People want everything that is beautiful, but when we realise the responsibilities that comes with it, we don't hesitate to give it up in seconds.

Ifa Agnes